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Clip revealed Jerry Reed’s family singing; hadn’t known his family before.

Singing is a talent deeply embedded in the Reed family’s heritage, showcased beautifully in a timeless clip where Jerry Reed, the celebrated singer and guitarist, performed alongside his family. The undated footage captures a heartwarming moment on a television show set, where Jerry Reed was accompanied by his wife, Priscilla, and their two daughters, Seidina and Lottie, for a rendition of the gospel classic “This Little Light of Mine.”

Jerry Reed, known for his charisma and musical prowess, took the stage with familial pride, introducing his loved ones to the audience. His wife, Priscilla Mitchell, also a country singer, stood by his side, alongside their daughters: Seidina, the elder, and young Lottie, who was just a little girl at the time. The affectionate scene of Reed kissing each of his family members before starting the performance added a tender touch to the event.

As Reed strummed his guitar, the family ensemble delivered “This Little Light of Mine” with such harmonious and angelic voices that it felt transcendent, as if offering a glimpse into celestial realms. The spotlight shone on Seidina as she took the lead on most verses, delivering a performance that was nothing short of breathtaking. Lottie, despite her young age, contributed by singing the first word of each line, adding a charming innocence to the performance.

Throughout the performance, Jerry Reed’s beaming smile was undeniable evidence of a father’s pride and joy. His happiness was palpable, radiating through his wide grin as he watched his family share their collective talent.

Jerry Reed’s family is a testament to the adage that musical talent can indeed run in the family. Jerry and Priscilla’s marriage in 1959 blossomed into a partnership not just in life but in music, blessing them with two daughters, Seidina Ann Hubbard and Charlotte Elaine (Lottie) Zavala. With a ten-year gap between them, both daughters grew up in a home where music was a constant presence, thanks to their parents’ successful careers in country music. It’s no wonder that they too would tread the path laid out by their illustrious parents.

Seidina, in particular, took her father’s legacy to heart. In 2015, seven years after Jerry Reed’s passing, she paid homage to her father’s legacy with the album “Today Is Mine: A Tribute to My Father.” The album featured covers of songs written and performed by Jerry Reed, allowing Seidina to connect with her father’s music in a deeply personal way and share that connection with the world.

The Reed family’s performance of “This Little Light of Mine” stands out as a uniquely heartwarming moment in Jerry Reed’s career. While Jerry Reed is celebrated for his numerous hits and contributions to the country and folk music genres, the collaboration with his family brings a different, more intimate layer to his legacy. This performance, filled with familial love and musical harmony, showcases the depth of the Reed family’s bond through music.

For fans of Jerry Reed and music lovers alike, this clip is a must-watch. It’s not just a performance; it’s a glimpse into the personal life of a musical legend and the talent that runs through his family. It serves as a reminder of the power of music to bring people together, creating moments of joy, unity, and familial love that resonate far beyond the notes of a song.

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