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His rendition gives me chills; it’s clear he’s a genuine artist through and through

Scotty McCreery’s debut single “I Love You This Big” holds a significant place in the country music landscape. Released in May 2011 following his win on the tenth season of “American Idol,” the song marked a remarkable start to McCreery’s career. It’s known for its heartfelt lyrics and McCreery’s deep, resonating vocals that immediately captured the hearts of many.

The song debuted at No. 32 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, making it the highest debut for a new country artist at that time since the inception of Nielsen SoundScan in 1990. It eventually peaked at No. 15 on the same chart and reached No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100, showcasing its crossover appeal ​​.

The song’s lyrics, written by Brett James, Ester Dean, Jay “Saint” Smith, and Lil’ Ronnie Jackson, reflect the innocence and depth of young love. McCreery himself has expressed that the song was perfect for his “American Idol” moment, as it could relate to both his family and the fans who supported him throughout his journey on the show. The music video for “I Love You This Big,” set against a backdrop of a summertime barbecue, further emphasizes the song’s theme of communal celebration and love​​.

“I Love You This Big” was well-received for its genuine emotion and McCreery’s ability to convey the depth of the song’s message. A review highlighted the tender opening lyrics and praised McCreery for his mature vocal delivery, distinct from the live performances on “American Idol.” The song’s arrangement, featuring a soft steel guitar, wraps McCreery’s vocals, giving the ballad depth and credibility. The song was noted for leaving room for McCreery’s growth as an artist while providing plenty for fans to enjoy​​.

The track’s success was further cemented with a Platinum certification by the RIAA, with over 915,000 units sold in the United States alone. This achievement underscores the song’s widespread acceptance and the strong start it provided for McCreery’s career in country music .

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